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Search and Find within MusicMaster posted on May 17th, 2021

Search and Find within MusicMaster

By Chris Malone

If you do not have the Search Bar activated in MusicMaster, you may want to give it a try. Using the Search Bar is an efficient way to quickly search the library for existing song data.

To activate this feature and make it a part of your normal view, simply go to View from the file navigation menu and select Search Bar.

Many users rely on the Search Bar to find artist and title information across their entire database, but here is a quick tip to allow other data fields to become ‘searchable’ when you search the library.

Let’s use a scenario where the PD wants to be able to search the library by Wide Orbit Asset ID in order to quickly find the song he/she needs. You’ll need go to your Field Editor, under Dataset, Library, Fields and find the Wide Orbit Asset ID field so you can then set it to searchable. Below, we can see the WO Asset ID field properties box. You want to change the Search Bar option from No to Yes in order for this field to become searchable.

This will now allow you to search the library using Wide Orbit Asset ID in addition to other fields that may already be searchable in this database such as title and artist.

For example, if the PD is looking for cart number 2103, they can type that into the Search Bar and quickly locate the element attached to that cart number in their database.

As a warning, you do not want to go overboard with a ton of Search Bar friendly fields. Only use this for fields that are necessary to quickly call up data. For other items such as tempo, mood, and gender attributes, it’s best to use library queries under Library Maintenance. We have an instructional article to help better understand library queries here:

Final note: Use caution when adjusting anything in your Database Field Editor because it is foundational and not a commonly used area of the program. If you have any questions about what you want to change here, do not hesitate to call your MusicMaster Music Scheduling Consultant for assistance.