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Organize your Categories posted on May 3rd, 2010

By Marianne Burkett

For those MusicMaster users who like to change clocks, add new categories and think of new ways to program your station – hats off to you!

One thing that happens when you add categories, is that your Info Bar starts to grow in size and becomes unorganized. When you create new categories they always fall to the bottom of the list on the Info Bar. You should open the Category Editor and arrange your Info Bar so it makes sense. Move the active music categories together to the top of the list in the Category Editor and then check your Schedule Properties to ensure your new category schedules in it’s proper pass order. If you don’t manually adjust your Schedule Properties, the new category will schedule last. If you no longer use a category, move it to the bottom of the list and get it out of the way – or better yet, move the songs into a Hold category and delete the old category. (Of course, be sure the old category isn’t in your active clocks!)

When you arrange your Categories in the Category Editor, you will see they also appear in that order in the Rule Tree. So, being organized can save you time and effort down the road when searching for your new categories in the Rule Tree as well.

Another tip on Category organization… only add color to your active categories!