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Customizing Your Welcome Screen posted on May 6th, 2010

By Drew Bennett

Customizing your database with its’ own name and logo and color background is easy. Go to Tools, Options, Database Identification. Here, you can modify the name of your database in the, “Station Name,” field. You can also set the path to an audio file that plays when you open this MusicMaster database and you can also set a path to a logo file you have on your system. That will display your logo when you open this MusicMaster database. Below the Graphic Logo File field, you can also set the color you want for your background. You can choose a solid color, choose a duo of gradient colors and you can choose to display your logo in the center, tile your logo throughout the background or stretch the logo file across the screen. Once you’re done with changing your settings, choose, “Apply,” and, “OK.” Tip: If you’ve made your changes and you have other sections of the software open, choose, “Windows,” then “Close All,” to close any open windows you have and see your changes.