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MusicMaster Sports posted on August 14th, 2023

By Jesus Rodriguez

Did you know that MusicMaster isn’t only for scheduling music? While you may already be aware that MusicMaster can be used for scheduling talk shows, like morning drive or even a full talk radio station, the topic has come up frequently concerning sports. There are now more clients that are partnering with their local sport franchises of every level from youth sports to professional for game broadcast. The question coming up a lot lately is, “How do I create a clock for a sports broadcast?” In this blog, I hope to show you a very basic sports clock using the log notes element and some additional categories as a suggestion for sweepers or bumper music.

Sample MusicMaster Sports Clock:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Quick disclaimer, most sports will be longer in length than one hour and may require multiple clocks. The sample above is a basic sports clock with shorter play periods/quarters for basic math and understanding.

The two main clock elements (although you are welcome to use others) are lognotes and fixed positions. You will replace the lognote shown above with your own description if you wish and most importantly, with your automations commands for things like turning off the live feed channel, going back to the live feed pod, commands for your commercial breaks (which will be identical to what you are already using now in your music clocks with the minor time modification if required), and sync commands.

The lognotes represent the portions of the live show, while the fixed items are your show’s sweepers and bumper music, which is optional. There you can also include song categories if you plan to incorporate them into your show to still have a feeling of your music station being represented during a sports broadcast.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your MusicMaster support representative.