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Random Clock Elements posted on February 13th, 2012

by Paul Ziino

MusicMaster can randomly choose from a list of categories in a clock position when a Random element is set up.  In your clock, click in the Element Type field and select Random from the list.  Now you are able to check P as many categories as you wish for this position from which MusicMaster will select a song.  For our example, we’ll select categories E and F.

Now when you start the automatic scheduler, MusicMaster will choose which of those categories to schedule in that position.  It does this randomly…so you could get E or F to schedule there.

Let’s suppose that MusicMaster randomly chose to schedule an F in this position.  When the F category is being scheduled in the pass order (set under Dataset/Schedule/Schedule Properties) that position will be tested and filled.  If no song in the available search depth for F passes the unbreakable rules, the position will be left unscheduled.  Random positions work best for categories that have few rules associated with them or for categories whose rules are not exceptionally difficult to pass.

If you are looking for a “fallback” element, Random is not the way to go.  Rather you would want to use a Combo position.  Combo Elements were also covered in a past article.

There are a variety of element types available in your clocks.  Try them out and see what ones you like best!  Of course if you have questions make sure to contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for assistance.