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Adding numbers to your Countdown list posted on May 20th, 2010

By Marianne Burkett

Many programmers like to do specials during the course of the summer season, like the top 300 song countdown weekends etc. Some like to print out a list and have the number of the song on the printed list. Before starting any Mass Change exercise, please take a backup. Then create your song list or open an existing song list using the song list editor. Save the list in whichever order you would see the #1 song first on the list. Click on the song list so it’s now in Library Maintenance mode. Then go find a vacant Text field in your library. Dataset/Library/Fields. Typically you’ll have several text fields that are not in use. Pull that available text field into your view using the Show/Hide Fields Icon. Then, right click on the field name – go to Mass Changer and your Operation is “Assign Sequential Values”. Start with the number 1.. MusicMaster will populate that field with the first song number thru the last song number. Now you can print your song list songs, with the number of the song next to it! Any questions, please call your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant.