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MusicMaster 5.0 Feature Spotlight – Category QuickMove posted on March 5th, 2012

By Aaron Taylor

Here is a very exciting new option available to you in the latest version of MusicMaster, we call it Category QuickMove.  In a nutshell, it allows you to quickly make category changes of elements in a faster, much simpler drag and drop fashion than in previous versions of MusicMaster Windows. Instead of calling up a large list of the categories you need to work with by a query or perhaps a category group, you can now just simply go to DATASET-LIBRARY-QUICKMOVE to make those weekly category moves and changes.

Some caveats here. You can display a max of eight, and you must have a minimum of two displayed to begin working with this feature.  If you deviate from those parameters, you’ll see the following dialog box:

From there, once you click OK, the Category Selection box will reappear to allow you to modify your displayed category list. You do not need to click Save Changes to have the application remember the categories you have chosen for your QuickMove display. The category choices will be retained when you reenter this functionality each time.

Once configured, it is then just a matter of left click, drag and drop from the current category the song resides in, to its new “home”. As you drag across, a blue musical note will appear during your “relocation process”. Use the scroll bar on the right hand side of each category box to move up or down through larger category listings.

You are limited to dragging/dropping one song at a time, and as soon as you do, you’ll note the Current Song Count will increase/decrease respectively in each category you are working with.  You see that information update at the bottom of each category.

This feature was designed primarily for category adjustments of relatively small, rotation categories. As such, it is not recommend you use this to manipulate very large categories.

Any time you make changes to the categories counts, upon clicking the “Quit” icon, or selecting the X in the upper right hand corner a dialog box will appear, asking if you would like to save your changes.  Once you save, the changes you made will take effect. If you simply exit without saving, no changes will be made.

You can also edit the song card information from here if needed; if say you perhaps forgot to (or didn’t have at the time the song was entered to the system) add the automation number, or a particular attribute code. You’ll see that option on the toolbar.

Let us know what you think of this cool new functionality in MMWIN 5.0! As always, we are always open to your questions, as well as your ideas for other cool new options that you’d like us to consider adding to MusicMaster to enhance your scheduling experience!