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Testing Over Multiple Databases posted on July 12th, 2010

By Drew Bennett

Let’s say you work for a cluster of radio stations that focus on similar formats. For instance, you might have an oldies station and a classic rock station in the same building and those two stations might share a few songs or artists between them. MusicMaster offers a feature that allows you to test over multiple databases, ensuring that you don’t play the same song or even the same artists on both stations at once. Cool! Here’s how to set it up:

You will need to build a file called an INI file. INI files are basically configuration files that are simple text files with a basic structure to them. To write an INI file, open Microsoft’s Notepad on your computer.

With Notepad open, you will need to type in the information the INI file needs to have for MusicMaster to test across multiple data.

The first thing you will need in this INI file is a line that reads:


That tells MusicMaster that you are going to be testing over multiple databases. Next, you will need to reference the path to the databases, the field number you want to use to match songs, e.g. 102 for the Title field, the separation you want to see between the databases and the names of the databases. When you are done filling in this information, your file might look like this:











You can find more information on each of these lines of information in the MusicMaster Help Section by choosing Help, Technical Reference, INI files, Database.INI

Once you have written the INI file, you need to save it. If your database is called ROCKDATA.MMD, then your INI file needs to be named ROCKDATA.INI. Place the INI file in the same location as your database file.

Now, open MusicMaster and let’s test it out! Head to the Schedule Editor and locate the Results Bar. Right click anywhere on the Results Bar and choose Customize. When the Customize Results Panel pops up, locate Multi Station Separation on the left side of the screen and, using the single arrow pointing to the right, move it over to the right side of the screen making it a part of your Results Bar in the Schedule Editor. Now hit OK and you should see the new box in your Results Bar. Now, when you highlight a song, MusicMaster will tell you if that song or artist has also been scheduled in another database allowing you to make adjustments.

If you need help setting this file up for your cluster of stations, contact your Music Scheduling Consultant at MusicMaster. We will be glad to assist you in testing songs over multiple stations. Happy scheduling!