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Making External Connections with MusicMaster posted on March 19th, 2014

By Jill Sorenson

MusicMaster has all the programming tools you’d expect in a music scheduler along with many surprises to make your life easier.

Our ability to integrate with third-party systems is a dream come true for busy programmers. Do you need to import a library from your automation system? Check. Import metadata from your media source? Check. Import research scores? Check. Export your playlist in a form ready for the web? Check. Import traffic so you can accurately time your log? Check.

All of these import/export features are built into MusicMaster. Each require a little one-time set-up then it’s on to other more important things in your day. Here’s a brief summary on how MusicMaster accomplishes these things.

Import a library from your automation system

MusicMaster uses a definition file to understand the file from your automation system. Once we know what it contains, a bit of matching is done. When you run the utility, MusicMaster compares the file with the data it has and adds songs to your library and updates fields. No more remembering that the audio file was shortened so you have to change the runtime in your scheduling software.

Import metadata from your media source

Are you getting your media from an external source like PlayMPE, Spotify, iTunes or DMDS to name a few? It’s so easy to download what you need but then you’re left typing in all that metadata. Our import feature again uses a definition file to understand that metadata then imports it into MusicMaster. Sure, you may still have to put all your specific coding on, but say goodbye to typing in that artist, title, runtime information.

Import research scores

Raise your hand if you’re tired of typing in research scores into your scheduling system after you do a music test. That’s what we thought. Who has time for that? Just like updating information from your automation system, we’ll set up a definition file and then match the data from your research file to the data in MusicMaster.

Export your playlist to the web

Like most stations, you probably have some location on your website where you show what you are playing. MusicMaster features an HTML export that gives you the ability to create the template design for the page and then export the log.

Import traffic to accurately time your log

MusicMaster uses a definition file to understand the file from your traffic system. When you open the Schedule Editor, it will import that information so you can see exactly what spots appear in the breaks. Oh, and did we mention that we even give you the opportunity to rearrange the spots? As long as you export a combined music and traffic log to your automation system, any reordering of the spots you do will be how it will air.

Have something else in mind?

We’d love to hear your ideas of what you’d like to import or export. We have an extensive API that allows access to the data for many procedures, so if we didn’t mention one that you’d like to do, contact MusicMaster to discuss your idea.

We’ve been doing this for years, so don’t fret about setting up the necessary files. We likely have built them already. That means you just tell us your automation system, traffic system, research company or media source you work with and will send along the files you need.

MusicMaster is your complete partner in bringing your sound to the world.