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Making External Connections with MusicMaster posted on March 19th, 2014

By Jill Sorenson

MusicMaster has all the programming tools you’d expect in a music scheduler along with many surprises to make your life easier.

Our ability to integrate with third-party systems is a dream come true for busy programmers. Do you need to import a library from your automation system? Check. Import metadata from your media source? Check. Import research scores? Check. Export your playlist in a form ready for the web? Check. Import traffic so you can accurately time your log? Check.

All of these import/export features are built into MusicMaster. Each require a little one-time set-up then it’s on to other more important things in your day. Here’s a brief summary on how MusicMaster accomplishes these things. (more…)


How Automation Systems and Music Schedulers Talk to One Another posted on December 30th, 2013

By Drew Bennett

Automation systems and music schedulers share the same client in many cases. Both software companies rely on one another, to a degree, to ‘get the station on the air.’ If the automation system doesn’t have a log to play, there’s no music. If the music scheduler can’t export its log to the automation system, there’s no music then either. So, in most cases, the music scheduler and the automation system rely on one another to get the job done for you. (more…)

Making Life Better Through Nexus posted on May 20th, 2013

By Drew Bennett

Did you know you can streamline a lot of your workflow between MusicMaster and your automation system? Haven’t you always dreamed of the automation system and the scheduling database talking to one another? How about adding and dropping songs in real time or adding the song to your music scheduler the instant you record it into your automation system? These things can happen for you today and you may have everything you need right now. All you need is a MusicMaster license, a ‘Nexus-Ready’ automation system (Wide Orbit, Enco, Media Touch, etc.), the Nexus Server and your MusicMaster database. Today, we’ll cover some of the great new features you can take advantage of with Nexus and your automation system. (more…)