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Did Someone Manually Schedule a Song? posted on June 4th, 2018

By Jerry Butler

Are you wondering why a certain song scheduled that you don’t think it should have at that time?  Quite often, the song was placed manually by someone and not automatically scheduled by MusicMaster.  If you would like to see what items were manually placed in your log, MusicMaster makes it easy to see that information.

While in the log editor, click on modify editor layout.  (Pencil and Paper Icon)

Scroll down and select Schedule: Manual field and move it over to selected fields and click OK.

I’ve put the Schedule: Manual field 2nd for this demonstration, so it’s easy to see which songs have been manually scheduled.  The “M” signifies a manually placed element.


This is just one more way MusicMaster provides useful information to you while you are editing.  Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for more information and other tips to speed up your editing.