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Schedule Editor Layouts posted on August 27th, 2018

By Paul Ziino

You can really make your Schedule Editor look just about any way you want.  You can add and subtract fields via the Modify Editor Layout icon.

Here you can also change the font, size, colors, and grid attributes.

Click the Toggle Toolbars icon and you can turn on the Test Results panel, Instant Analysis, and more.

Once you’ve turned on the Results Bar, right-click on any panel and select Customize to see all the different items available for review.

And with other icons you can toggle the history graph on and off, as well as the Info bar.

With Show/Hide Elements you can hide different elements from view.

You can turn off lognotes, only display the unscheduled items, hide specific categories, display hour and day counters, and more!

Get it all set up just the way you want it, and you have a completely customized workspace!

And with a few clicks and drags you can rearrange the whole thing and some color adjustments, you have a whole new look!!

Customization of your Schedule Editor is just one of the ways you can make your MusicMaster yours!  Have any questions?  Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for help.

Did Someone Manually Schedule a Song? posted on June 4th, 2018

By Jerry Butler

Are you wondering why a certain song scheduled that you don’t think it should have at that time?  Quite often, the song was placed manually by someone and not automatically scheduled by MusicMaster.  If you would like to see what items were manually placed in your log, MusicMaster makes it easy to see that information.

While in the log editor, click on modify editor layout.  (Pencil and Paper Icon)

Scroll down and select Schedule: Manual field and move it over to selected fields and click OK.

I’ve put the Schedule: Manual field 2nd for this demonstration, so it’s easy to see which songs have been manually scheduled.  The “M” signifies a manually placed element.


This is just one more way MusicMaster provides useful information to you while you are editing.  Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for more information and other tips to speed up your editing.

Making Layout Changes in MusicMaster posted on September 29th, 2014

By Drew Bennett

One of the most common phone calls we get is how to change a layout. Many times, our customers have been so conditioned to accept the layout they are given in a music scheduler like DOS or other Windows-based software that some of them don’t even know they have the choice of what fields to see or not see on the screen! (more…)

Customizing MusicMaster posted on February 27th, 2012

by Marianne Burkett

When you start using MusicMaster after having worked with other scheduling software, you may or may not be aware of all the choices you have about colors, layout, font sizes and embedding your logo into the software.  Yes, all things are possible and it’s very fun to play at setting it up. (more…)