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Day and Hour Count posted on April 2nd, 2012

By Paul Ziino

There is a new feature in MusicMaster for Windows version 5.0 that allows you to see how many elements have been scheduled in an hour or a full day. Simply open your Schedule Editor and click the Modify Editor Layout icon, then add Schedule: Day Pos and Schedule: Hour Pos to your layout. (more…)

Song Highlight Filters in the Schedule Editor posted on December 5th, 2011

by Paul Ziino

Too much slow music clumping together in the log?  Too many female artists in one hour and not enough in the next?  There’s a quick way to get a visual scan of any part of a log using Song Highlight Filters. (more…)

Scheduling Tip from a Master… the “+ More” button. posted on July 20th, 2010

by Paul Ziino

When you are in the replacement window of the schedule editor you have three display options: Show all available songs, Hide Unbreakable failures, and Show only perfect songs…these are noted by the flag icons. When in “Hide Unbreakable” or “Show only perfect” mode, by default MusicMaster will display the ten most-rested songs that meet those criteria. If more than ten are available, you’ll see the “+ More” button which will give you an additional ten songs that meet the criteria each time you click “+ More”, until all songs are displayed. But did you know you can change how many songs will be displayed to start with, and how many more will be displayed with each click of “+ More”? (more…)