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MusicMaster Integration with DMDS posted on November 18th, 2013

By Aaron Taylor

This is another in a series of articles we’ve created to direct you on how you may integrate MusicMaster for Windows with major content providers available to the broadcast industry. This time, we detail how to use Digital Media Distribution System with MMWIN. (more…)

Using Mediabase and BDS Radio with MusicMaster posted on May 14th, 2012

By Aaron Taylor

We often work with clients who find themselves tasked with a format launch (or several) in addition to their “regular” programming duties.  In years past, it could prove to be a daunting chore to research the “right” songs for the format(s) (and your specific market situation) in addition to sourcing the tracks, and then building the database in your scheduling software.  Gone are the days where the poor PD would need to beg and plead with their record reps for the product for this format (many automation vendors can provide you the standard format libraries off the shelf) or sources such as TM Century, iTunes, etc.  Not to mention the necessity (as in the “old days”) to sit for hours in a stale production room endlessly dubbing the new music to carts.  If you were lucky enough to dodge most of the duties mentioned above in a project like this, you inevitably still dreaded building the scheduling database (hand entering all the titles, categorizing them, and then building the clocks, setting up the rules, etc.)…then, once that was completed…getting the blessing of the consultant! Today, MusicMaster makes it crazy simple! Not only can we help you easily import the music order you obtained from a third party vendor, did you know you have the ability directly copy and paste from a Word or Excel document into MusicMaster? (more…)