MusicMaster Scheduling
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Having multiple duties to manage can make for a long day. Luckily, Music Master does most of the heavy lifting for me and keeps us at the top of the Nielsens. Using the Auto-Platoon feature lets my listeners feel like they’ve lucked into a song...  Read More

Evan Shipe
Music Scheduling Czar
Emmis Austin Radio
Austin, TX

MusicMaster makes my job that much easier. It does everything that I've wanted in a scheduling program... being able to maneuver my music catalog with ease... rules setup that make scheduling a lot easier and tailored to my style. Can't see myself...  Read More

Don Black
Program Director
Power 96.5
Lansing, MI

Aside from MusicMaster being so user friendly and intuitive, the features are easily customizable. Logs are a breeze to edit and I set up my log editor to color code all the songs so I can see an hour's tempo at a glance. Music Rules are in-depth...  Read More

Willobee Carlan
Director of Broadcast Operations
Shamrock Communications
Reno, NV

MusicMaster makes scheduling a cinch with rule alerts. The software helps me notice when I've selected a song that fails a rule; I can even customize and activate rule alerts under the tools header. MusicMaster also seamlessly works hand-in-hand...  Read More

Clarence Natto
Director of Branding and Programming
Cox Media Group, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

Sunday Baroque is a nationally syndicated music program of baroque and early music. I am based in Ohio, while my producing partner station, WSHU, is in Connecticut, where the Sunday Baroque CD library is housed. Therefore, I need a powerful database...  Read More

Suzanne Bona
Host & Executive Producer, Sunday Baroque
Cincinnati, OH

Do what you love. Love what you do. After working with RCS Selector and Powergold, I am really enthusiastic about MusicMaster. It is the first scheduling software that is able to do what I want instead of dealing with workarounds. MusicMaster...  Read More

Ronald Sebök
MD and APD
100% NL
Naarden, Netherlands

We run three networks broadcasting mostly nationwide. Our brands Cool FM, Wazobia FM, and Nigeria Info offer a straight CHR format, local African music and a News/Talk/Sports format mixed with some smooth Jazz. We have used MusicMaster for over a...  Read More

Alero Eghagha
Head of Music
Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info
Lagos, Nigeria

Running a 24/7 news/music radio station is a heavy task and requires a high level of program flexibility, especially when there is a time and location difference between the station and the audience. Since 2008, I have been in charge as the music...  Read More

Payam Razi
Editor in Chief - Music
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Prague, Czech Republic

I feel the feature that helps me the most and saves me the most time is the ability to design assignment grids for the different events during the year and activate them when I need them such as Christmas music. I set up my clocks the way I want...  Read More

Tom Duke
Music Director
Hot Springs, AR

I'm glad that through my entire radio career, MusicMaster has been what I've been using. Sure, I've tried other music scheduling software, but, honestly, I've never found one that works as well or is as user-friendly as MusicMaster. My favorite...  Read More

Shawn Turner
CHAY Music Director
Corus Entertainment
Barrie, ON

We added MusicMaster in 2009, and since then, it's been a crucial tool at our station. I've spent some time on other programs and felt most at home with MusicMaster. The interface is easy to use and understand and really allows you to customize your...  Read More

Matt Wilson
General Manager
Soldotna, AK

One of my favorite MusicMaster features is the Turnover Calculator in Turnover Analysis; it's a terrific way to work out rotations based on several criteria. You can work from the number of songs in a category or from the target number...  Read More

John Olsen
National Program Director
Summit Media Corporation
Birmingham, AL

Every day, every hour, we want the best playlists at Radio Veronica. MusicMaster has really helped us to improve our rotations and quarter hours. If you have everything in balance, Optimum Goals are a good feature to create the perfect playlist. Our...  Read More

Marc van den Heuvel
Assistant PD/MD
Radio Veronica
Naarden, Netherlands

Initially, the reason I chose MusicMaster for my stations was a budget consideration. However, after seeing the feature set and experiencing the great one-on-one support, we have now standardized MusicMaster to all of our clusters. After using...  Read More

Chris Collins
Program Director
Holladay Broadcasting
Bastrop, Louisiana

We at Bayern 3 have been working with MusicMaster for four years and it was very easy to get familiar with the software. It's very intuitive and the structure is very close to the Windows-principle, which is also good for interacting...  Read More

Robert Morawa
Music Director
Bayern 3
Munich, Germany

I am a big fan of the Rule Wizard/Optimization tool, I also rely on Auto Platoon to keep the library manageable. The link to search YouTube is also an awesome tool! We were on a system that is frankly too embarrassing to mention here....  Read More

Allen McLaughlin
Operations Director
MDL Broadcasting
Tulsa, OK

All the repetitive functions of editing are available with keystrokes as well as mouse clicks. Using both makes it easy to get into a rhythm checking your logs. Favorite features include the Artist Separation wizard. Having the wizard to help set a...  Read More

Allan Gidyk
Operations Manager
Classic Hits, Coast 101.1
St. John's, NL Canada

I like features like 'swap' (F5) to juggle songs within an hour, and also I like the 'artist history' dropdown option to study song history not just by title, but by artist as well. Another feature I use a lot is 'highlighting' songs (F7) so I can...  Read More

Brad Savage
Brand Manager
Charlottesville, Virginia

After many years of using different pieces of music programming software, we recently changed to MusicMaster and we are very pleased with the outcome. The diversity of available rules and the ability to copy and paste them individually (or whole...  Read More

Miguel Cruz
Programming Director
M80 Rádio

Having worked with MusicMaster software for almost three decades, and having had the chance to work with other systems as well, I can honestly say it's the best music scheduling software available. Not only is this because of the...  Read More

Janet Trecarten
Brand Director/Operations Manager
Astral Radio
Winnipeg, MB

The two best things about MusicMaster are its customer support and its ability to make our daily work so much easier. Before coming to Lake 96-1 eight years ago, my only experience was with DOS. Paul Ziino made the transition flawless....  Read More

Dave Michaels
Program Director
Lake Geneva, WI

The main start point for a successful radio program is definitely the music you put into the system. But then the software kicks in and especially for our oldie based AC format I appreciate the flexibility of MusicMaster. The Shift rotation...  Read More

Klaus Nelhiebel
Head of Music
Radio Bremen Eins Alumnus
Bremen, Germany

MusicMaster helps the staff of WOSU Public Media's Classical 101 classical music radio service bring beautiful, inspiring music to listeners all day, every day. All of the Classical 101 team members use MusicMaster to research artists,...  Read More

Jennifer Hambrick
MusicMaster User
Columbus, OH

It's hard to narrow down what my favorite feature of MusicMaster is. Overall, it has to be how user friendly and intuitive the entire program is. Most of us are pretty familiar with Windows, and MusicMaster is a program designed...  Read More

Jeff Wolf
Operations Manager
Border Media Austin
Austin, TX

It might make me sound old, but I really just have a lot of experience! And I started when I was 11… When I first started programming in radio we used MusicScan, later to become MusicMaster. I've had the chance to use numerous programs...  Read More

Corey Tremere
Program Director
Charlottetown, PE

I like MusicMaster because being able to copy and paste in and out of Excel is huge! I've been working with my MSC on developing customized import / Library Sync definition files for Jack FM and it's saved me a ton of time pulling in...  Read More

Mike O'Reilly
Program Director
San Diego, CA

Using MusicMaster makes it possible for me to schedule market specific elements for my morning show which is simulcast on two of our stations. Some days they broadcast from here, some days they broadcast from there…two locations, two...  Read More

Mimi Griswold
VP Programming

Galaxy Communications

I've been a big fan the Musicmaster for Windows system ever since our company, Rogers Broadcasting, decided to go with it for all our radio stations. We were moving from a competitors DOS based system and had a chance to look at multiple windows...  Read More

Terry Voth
General Manager/PD
Rogers Communications
Lethbridge, AB

In my 20 years in radio I've used all kinds of music scheduling systems (yes, including the file box full of index cards!), none of them has afforded me the control over exactly how I needed the stations I program to sound better than...  Read More

Al Skop
Director, Music Programming
SiriusXM Radio

I'd been using RCS (DOS) for 20 years (20 years ago it was great!) Since then, MusicMaster has steamed ahead with with new features and a clean look and feel. And of course, the support is just brilliant! My favorite features in...  Read More

Nick Shulz
Head of Music
Radio Basel

My favorite feature of MusicMaster has to be the Rule Tree Wizard which helps you find those things you may have "hurried" over when setting things up. I am a big fan of double checking and MusicMaster seems to do that for you......  Read More

Steve Green
Senior Producer / Music Programmer

I like the following features of MusicMaster: Full flexibility to show anything on the screen at anytime. I like looking at history automatically on every song before I press enter and schedule it...and making massive library changes has...  Read More

Paul Kriegler
Program Director
Shamrock Communications Alumnus
Tulsa, OK

MusicMaster rocks! It is our system of choice at Newcap stations across Canada. I love the Optimum Goal Scheduling. It gives our stations the ability to really push the system hard to give us the best possible log, not just one that...  Read More

Steve Jones
VP/Brands & Content, Stingray
Newcap Radio

MusicMaster is packed with plenty of analytical punch. Turnover Analysis has been a huge time saver for me. In the past year I've revamped two stations databases. The simple to use and easy to follow tools made it so easy to clean up...  Read More

T.J. Holland
Operations Manager
Columbus Radio Group
Columbus, OH

One of my favorite features in MusicMaster is Special Sets. Setting up this feature is easy and saves hundreds of hours a year in scheduling specialized production into your logs that would otherwise have to be done manually, like...  Read More

Scott Lindy
Program Director
WSTR-FM Alumnus
Atlanta, GA

I'm scheduling several stations with MusicMaster and the biggest advantage is that the software is so user friendly. I love the library search functions to find what I'm looking for quickly. I always get a perfect overview of the...  Read More

Zvonimir "Cicak" Škrobo
Music Director
Antena Zagreb & Totalni FM

I'm sure most "old schoolers" can relate when I say music scheduling has evolved at super sonic speed. We've come a long way from the days of jocks hand-picking vinyl for their show, to now being able to change a song on-air with a Blackberry....  Read More

Danny Kingsbury
General Manager
Halifax, NS, Canada

I've been programming music for more than 20 years. Our company just underwent a complete overhaul back in August 2009. This included our on-air systems and subsequently our music system as well. I can tell you I couldn't be more pleased that we...  Read More

Mike Storr
Operations Manager
Maratime Broadcasting
Halifax, NS Canada

I'm really new with MusicMaster. We switched to the system just recently but already I'm very pleased with the software. The feature that I truly love is being able to make clock changes up to a year in advance! This makes scheduling 10...  Read More

Amanda Misner
Music Director AVR
Magic 949 / 1450 CFAB, MBS Radio
Halifax, NS, Canada

When the folks at MusicMaster asked me what my favorite feature of MusicMaster is, I answered with, 'I have to pick just one?' I build a lot of databases. So the simple ability to cut and paste in and out of MusicMaster makes it fast...  Read More

Keith Hill
The Unconsultant

Having spent 22 years comfortably coccooned in a DOS-based scheduling app, I was a little nervous about transitioning to a Windows-powered MusicMaster. Three months later, I couldn't be more impressed. The "Format Lists" option in MusicMaster...  Read More

Rob Sidney
Director/Programming & Operations
WLYF-FM, Lincoln Financial Group
Miami, FL

Here are two of my favorite features that make my job easier and my station sound great! 1) Reconciling my logs has never been easier. I pick the date range, MusicMaster goes to my Scott Studio Aired results log, pulls the data, and matches it to...  Read More

Brent Alberts
Corporate Director Rock, Midwest Region Director of Programming/Operations
Citadel Broadcasting Alumnus

I actually have two favorite features of MusicMaster. One is VERY helpful especially when programming several stations, auto reconciliation with the automation system. My second fave is "Optimum Goal Scheduling" it simplifies your rules and...  Read More

Director of Digital and Social Media
Cox Media Group
Atlanta, GA

The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs. The software is very intuitive for OMs, PDs and MDs whether they consider themselves...  Read More

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager
Dallas, TX

Consolidation and downsizing provides us the opportunity to do more with less (do you like how I approach this dilemma with a "glass half full attitude"?) MusicMaster is a key component in my arsenal. Programming music for a Hot AC,...  Read More

Ron Harrell
Ops Manager/Program Dir
Detroit, MI

Scheduling music for Hot AC radio is all about balance. That's why I like to use the "instant analysis" feature in MusicMaster. I have it set to look for "fringe" sound codes. I can easily look at any hour and see exactly how many and what...  Read More

Jill Roen
Assistant PD, Music Director
Minneapolis, MN

We changed to MusicMaster three years ago. Especially if more than one person is working on a schedule, it was difficult to see detailed problems in the schedule. With the highlight filters this a great way to check the most important strategic...  Read More

Bernhard Hiller
Head of Music
Potsdam, Germany

I started using MusicMaster a few years ago and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it! I love its clean and simple visual appearance, the fact it's much faster and less prone to crash than any other windows based music...  Read More

Mark Patric
Assistant Program Director / Music Director
93.7 JRfm

Programmers need to create the best possible product with maximum efficiency. This has been MusicMaster's greatest benefit! The Rule Tree and Wizard Analysis provide extreme flexibility and precision, which in turn means less editing time on...  Read More

Bob Bellini
Program Director at 96.5 WKLH Milwaukee, Classic Rock Format Specialist at Saga Communications
96.5 WKLH Milwaukee, Saga Communications

MusicMaster is the next generation of music software - it is powerful yet easy to use. It is very intuitive; it is multi-tasking; and best of all it produces great logs with less editing time. I especially like the Optimum Goal rules that...  Read More

Mark St. John
Senior Vice President
Zapoleon Media Strategies

Before being exposed to MusicMaster, I scheduled music with blinders on. Now, don't get me wrong, I could tap out a day of music on the other system pretty quick. I thought it was right on. I was wrong. What we get with MusicMaster is phenomenal...  Read More

JJ Holiday
Program Director
St. Cloud, MN

MusicMaster is very dope! MusicMaster is a very incredible program that's been very easy for me to use to program music for Power 106. There are many features I love to use. On Power 106, we have three different versions of each song that play on...  Read More

Asst. PD/Music Director at Power 106 Los Angeles
Power 106
Los Angeles, CA

A feature in MusicMaster that I have found very helpful is the option to layer rules through multiple rule sets. I love having the ability to set an "ideal" rule(s) in the breakable rule sets and yet allowing MusicMaster to relax the rule to a...  Read More

Joe Buchanan
Network Music Director
New Life Media

We were having trouble getting the sound we wanted with our old scheduling software. We looked at several different products, and when we saw how well MusicMaster worked, we were sold instantly. We made the switch about 3 months ago and it has...  Read More

Mark Pooley
Music Director Alumnus
Toronto, Ontario

I love the Auto Platooning feature! It lets me add songs and then rotate them in from rest and back evenly over the course of 1 year, three months, 6 days and 22:34 minutes! The other feature I love is the music history chart (2 versions). One large...  Read More

Craig Powers
Vice President
Cameron Broadcasting

After having successfully implemented MusicMaster for Windows on the radio front, there was no question that it could be used for the complicated task of scheduling videos. One thing that MusicMaster has been able to provide to CMT and many other...  Read More

Evan Kroft
Dir. Music Programming & Talent Relations
CMT - Country Music Television Alumnus
Nashville, TN

The MusicMaster team has created a scheduler that is allowed to think like us when setting up a music database. The most impressive feature I've found thus far is the Optimum Scheduling Goals. In the past, (last week), I had to create the rules...  Read More

Jeff McCarthy
Vice President of Programming
Midwest Communications, Inc.